Brothers – A tour in Sweden to find your “Size You”

During this fall, Brothers will head out on a tour in Sweden to increase men’s knowledge about fit and style. Brothers will be able to do this by offering a personal fit analysis and the possibility to bring your old garments to adjust them after your unique measurements. Every man should be able to find his perfect size, his so called “Size You“. And that is what the tour is about, to raise the question about the male body ideals and that everyone are unique.

All bodies are unique and the body of the Swedish man is no different. Some have muscular thighs, others have a round belly or the so called love handles. The variations of the male body are endless and the result of this is that most of men feel that they are unable to find their size in stores and online.

Earlier this spring, Brothers hosted a tour in Sweden to spread the word about their made to measure service, and also took the opportunity to collect data from a larger amount of men’s body measurements. Based on this information, the company have been able to create an avatar that represent the average Swedish man to show how he actually looks in real life and how it differs from the standardized size system.


Body ideals have gained more space in the public debate. We want to pay attention to the issue even from a male perspective. Our hope is to make people to feel more comfortable with their body and feel that their blazer, shirt or pants fit as they are supposed to. All bodies are unique, and Brothers wants to educate Swedish men during this upcoming tour and help them to find their “Size You“. –  Magnus Hultin, Chief Designer at Brothers.

A lot of men feel insecure how a suit should fit and that is not something to be a shame of. Brothers will during this tour guide Swedish men to a more well-dressed look, customized after each and everyone’s unique style, size and body. Except the fit analysis that is offered during the tour, Brothers will also offers a selected amount of visitors to bring their own tailored garments, and to get it adjusted to their own”Size You“. 

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Usually only one small adjustment is needed, sometimes none at all is required and in some cases it is necessary to correct all the measurements. With the tour, Brothers wants to teach men more about their size and fit, but also offer the opportunity to customize and correct earlier purchases. In terms of sustainability, it is important to ensure that all clothes that are hanging in the wardrobes are actually used and that future purchases are perfectly fitted from the start, ” – Magnus Hultin, Chief Designer at Brothers

Brothers tour in Sweden will begin 30/9 and will during five weeks visit 15 different malls, stations and offices in Sweden (the full schedule can be found below). If you are not able to attend the tour, you can find your “Size You” online.

30/9-1/1/10 Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm

2-3/10 Stockholms Central Station

4-6/10 Kista Galleria, Stockholm

7-8/10 Täby Centrum, Stockholm

11-12/10 Mästerhuset, Stockholm

14-15/10 Birsta City, Sundsvall

17-18/10 Erikslund, Västerås

19-20/10 Marieberg, Örebro

21-22/10 Allum, Gothenburg

23-24/10 Gothenburgs Central station

25-26/10 Kungsmässan, Kungsbacka

27-28/10 Nordstan, Göteborg

29-30/10 Emporia, Malmö

31/10-1/11 Malmös Central Station

2-3/11 Triangeln, Malmö

4-5/11 Ingelsta Shopping, Norrköping