Five Favorites – The Panama Hat

Sunglasses is something obvious for everyone when the summer arrives, both for protection against the sun but also as a stylish accessories. What many men forgets is that your head and hair also needs protection from the sun and there’s a lot of different options in the market to choose from. Today we will take a closer look at one of the most classic options, the Panama hat.

Let’s take a trip to the city now when the summer has arrived and lets look what men are wearing on their heads. The most common choice for a headwear is without any doubt the baseball cap or some cap related to this and don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wearing one of these but they may not be best choice to all outfits. These kind of hats will be brilliant to a more relaxing and causal outfit but may not always be appropriate to more formal options, but fear not because that’s where the classic panama hat comes into the picture.

The panama hat is a straw hat with its origins from Ecuador where some of the finest production still remains today. The name comes from the Isthmus of Panama, a trading hub where most of the South American goods where shipped to during the early 19th and 20th century. The hat quickly became associated with the seaside and tropical locales because of its design and looks. A panama hat is often light-colored, lightweight and breathable and made of pure straw which makes the hat flexible enough to roll up without damaging it and to small enough to pack it in your luggage.

The creation of Panama hats consists of weaving and blocking and can be a very time consuming depending on the quality of the hat. The quality is often graded in numeric degrees to indicate quality, where some of the finest hats are made with as many as 2500 weaves. These hats are known as Montecristis, after the town of Montecristi where these fine hats are produced. A rumor says that a hat of this quality can hold water and even be rolled to pass through a ring.

Panama hats can be found in various of price ranges today and I recommend to start with a affordable one to see if it’s something that you will be comfortable with. They can be a bit stiff in the beginning but the more you wear it, the more comfortable you will be with it. Below can you find my five favorites for the summer, everything from affordable H&M to luxurious Loro Piana.

panama hm

Affordable option from H&M for under 10 €.

panama tries

French Larose Paris with a wider ribbon.

Light brown option from luxurious Loro Piana.

Light brown option from luxurious Loro Piana.


Montecristi hat for €1100 from Borsalino.


The softer model Valencia from venerable Lock & Co Hatters.