Ten Favorites – Sneakers

We have been talking a lot lately about the more formal way to get dressed, both when it come to our weekly Monday inspirations and articles. Today we change our course to the other direction and take a look at what the summer has to offer for us when it comes to sneakers.

I personally don’t own a lot of sneakers but I appreciate them, especially when it comes to the one colored ones such as the all-white or all-brown. The main reason for this is because I think that one colored garments, regardless if it’s a pair of shoes or a sport coat, is easier to match with each other. I would think it’s wise to start off with colors such as white, navy or brown and that you later on can complement with something far more trendy.

Sneakers do not tend to last that long and it’s mainly because of two things. The first is because of the often used rubber sole and that it doesn’t breath close to a leather sole. This means that more moisture will stay inside the shoes and it will after some time make the shoe smell bad. This will eventually happen with all sneakers but if you use a shoe block it will increase the lifespan of the shoes just like with shoes with a leather sole.

The second is because you can’t repair sneaker as you can do with a pair of well made leather shoes. If you have an Goodyear welted leather shoe you have the possibility to repair the sole almost infinite times (the upper leather will eventually break though). To prevent this happening too early is it recommended to clean the shoes regularly. Try to not use the shoes two days in a row, they need to rest to get the moisture out and don’t forget to lubricate the upper leather if it’s a pair of sneakers with leather or suede. If you maintain your sneakers will they hold up until the sole breaks down.

To make it easier for you gentlemen out there I have chosen my ten favorite sneakers for the summer. Which one is your favorite?

common projects

Achilles, the perfect white leather sneaker from Common Projects.


Spalwart offers retro sneakers that stands out in the crowd in a good way, here in the Marathon Trail model.


Jack Purcell, a new take on the signature model from Converse.


Rod Laver, Adidas most iconic shoe and a personal favorite.

M576, one of the most classic shoes from legendary New Balance.

The M576 from American New Balance in a grey suede.

Cuto Classic 2750, one of the most classic canvas sneakers from Superga.

Superga’s true classic, Cuto Classic 2750.

Cap-toe sneaker from the new fast growing Axel Arigato.

Navy suede with a cap toe detail from affordable Axel Arigato.

Internationalist PGS, grey blue suede from Nike.

Internationalist PGS in grey blue suede from Nike.


Brown leather sneakers from Dutch ETQ.


Swedish based Beyene offers sneakers for those who want something different, here in the Bey One model.