NUET by Zacapa

Last week, I had the opportunity to be invited to a different kind of dinner experience. Instead of the ordinary focus on only the food and beverages, the dinner took another direction and focused on the moment where no cellphones were allowed.

Sometimes you have to try something different to be able to experience new and exiting things. Normally, I do only write about menswear and fashion, but I would like to do an exception today and just make a small teaser about my experience.

The master chef Edin Dzemat created an unique three meal course with drinks from one of the best bartenders in the world, Josephine Sondlo. Maria Helander with her expertise within mindful eating and violinist Andreas Bernitt helped out during the evening to immerse the experience further…

I do not want to spoil this wonderful experience, but instead invite those who are interested in a culinary experience beyond what you are used to.

The pop-up resturant NUET will guest Paradiso again in Stockholm the 24/1 with two different seating’s, first between 17-19, and the other one 20-22. Tickets for one of these occurrences can be bought through Billetto here¬†and will end up at 995 SEK for each person. That will include a three course meal, drinks for each meal and an experience that will not be forgotten.