Myrqvist – Affordable Shoes

Finding good value for your money is one of the main goals for my blog. The feeling of finding a product which reaches up to your vision and exceptions, but still does not make a huge hole in your wallet is unique. The Swedish shoe company Myrqvist is one of these companies and today I will the honor to tell more about them and a small review of one of their shoes. 

Myrqvist first collection was launched last year in November after a successful campaign on Kickstarter. The company succeeded to pledge over 680.000 SEK for their campaign at the website, and became the most funded fashion campaign ever created from Sweden.

With the Kickstarter campaign behind them, the company were able to release a bigger collection in November which included not only the announced oxfords, but also Chelsea and Chukka boots.

Design phase for one of the shoes.
Design phase for one of the shoes.

The company saw that many of their customers went to the local shoemaker to glue an ordinary rubber sole to their shoes, which started ideas within the company how to us this opportunity of the customers behavior for a better shopping experience.

To adapt to the Nordic climate and saving costs for their customers, they successfully launched their most popular shoes with a so called tomir rubber sole earlier this year. A tomir sole is a sole that is made in a rubber material and sewn directly against the leather sole to create a more aesthetic rubber sole and protection against bad weather. A ordinary glued rubber sole is instead placed above the leather sole, creating a less neat and flat experience, but also risking that the rubber sole will loosen up in the front.

We experienced that a lot of our customers choose to leave their shoes at the local cobbler to glue a rubber sole above the leather. Therefore, we decided to offer an option that saves that cost and also giving the customer a more neat and clean impression – Founder of Myrvist, Sebastian Öhrn

The tomir rubber sole that Myrqvist offers.
The tomir rubber sole that Myrqvist offers.

Another high awaited expansion took place in the end of summer when the company released four new models on the same last, which includes three different loafers and the popular double monk strap. The loafer season may be reaching its last days in Sweden, but wearing a pair of loafers with wool socks for the fall is more right than ever. A pair of suede loafers will be a great companion to dress down a suit or to a pair of flannel trousers and jacket.

Mölle – A classic tassel loafer in snuff and polo suede options.
Smögen – A penny loafer in dark brown calf leather.
Fårö – A string loafer in snuff suede.
Ålsten – A double monk straps in leather with tomir sole.

Earlier this spring, the company also opened up their warehouse in Johannesfredsvägen 5 in Bromma with a showroom where the customers are able to try the full collection and buy samples or discontinued models. The opening of the showroom and the new collection are proof of how the company continuously work to improve their services and products. 

I took the opportunity a few weeks ago to visit the new showroom in Bromma to be able to try the different shoes from the collection. At the end, I fell for a black Adelaide called “Skytteholm” and decided to take them home to set if they will perform in real life. 

As of today, I have now been able to give these pair of shoes a fair chance and wanted to share my inputs in this article. 

Let us start off with the finishing of the shoes. They are made of a french calf leather which offers a good combination of price and quality ratio. I did not have any issues to polish them or to achieve a good spit-shine which is positive. 

A closer look at the leather shows no flaws or usage of low quality hides, which is impressive when you think about the affordable price tag at 1999 SEK. The only thing that I’m able to find is that the brogue pattern is a bit uneven in some places, but it is also not the first time that I have seen this in this price range. This will probably improve in the further batches and models.

Except that, I’m very happy with the shoes and they belong to one of the most comfortable shoes that I have worn in this price range. For 1999 SEK, these shoes are a bargain and I can’t wait to see the next collection from Myrqvist

Skytteholm from the side.
Skytteholm and the leather sole.