Jeeves – A different online store

Today, I would like to introduce you to a different kind of online store. With focus on craftsmanship and the artisans behind every unique product, the online store Jeeves is an online store for those who value authenticity in design, materials and production. We are able to find handmade shoes in the finest quality, and accessories to accompany you along the way.  

Allow me to introduce Tom Brone, a guy that recently graduated in finance and menswear enthusiast from Brugels in the north western Brussels. Tom always had a passion for beautiful things and in particular shoes and accessories, and that is where the journey began. He started to learn more about the craftsmanship and secrets behind the creation of shoes and accessories.

The idea behind the store Jeeves began for Tom by reading and listening on different members in forums such as Styleforum (Jeeves has an affiliate thread on Styleforum here). With numerous of read posts and articles about different types of leather, construction methods and fabrics, Tom started the idea to sell an unique set of shoes and accessories online. He went to different trade shows and leather fairs to be able to get the opportunity to discuss topics and to find the right persons and suppliers. Since the start, it has always been important to find the right persons for each product. The vision was to create classic and timeless products, and Tom only wanted to work with smaller workshops that shared his idea.

Semi-brogue in the Peter last from Vass.
Semi-brogue in the Peter last from Vass.

 Tom was able to create a close relationship with the well known shoe maker Vass Shoes from Budapest, which naturally became the first line of products for the store.

Vass Shoes was founded  in the early 1970’s in Budapest and have went through a lot changes since then, but the passion and attention to details have always remained. Vass only creates shoes with leather from the finest tanneries in the world and the shoes are completely made by hand in the workshop in Budapest. Old techniques are only used and Vass are one of the few brands in the world who are still crafting the whole shoe by hand. Jeeves offers both ready to wear shoes from Vass and made to order shoes that can be ordered here.

Vass most classic last, the Budapest.
Vass most classic last, the Budapest.
Or why not the more chiseled k-last?
Or why not the more chiseled k-last?

During his travels in Budapest, he also met a craftsman and his team with an obsession of creating the the best possible belts from scratch. Some small changes were introduced to the manufacturing and it was decided that only full grain leather should be used for the belts. The most common way is that manufacturers uses lower quality leather for the lining and synthetics such as polyester for the interlining to save on the material costs. The full grain leather will however be more flexible and last longer.

Only full grained leather is used for the construction of the belt.
One of many belts that are available. Here in a dark brown alternative.
Handmade details.

With Vass Shoes in the lineup, Tom naturally continued to expand the collection with the Italian socks specialist Bresciani and their famous socks in cotton, wool and cashmere. With a combination of long experience in the Italian socks industry and advanced machines, Bresciani creates one of the finest socks available to date. The socks features a hand-linked toes and over 13 hand controlled station to be able to provide the highest possible quality.

To provide a full range for the shoes lover, a few accessories are also added from the Abbeyhorn in England. Since 1749, Abbeyhorn have provided horn buttons and accessories to companies all of the world. With the beautiful finish and durability of horn, the accessories will last for decades.

Jeeves is a young and interesting store that have created a reputation among the style forums on the internet. They belong to one of the few official retailers in the world that provides ready to wear and made to order shoes from Vass. That if something says a lot about the online store Jeeves.

Natural colored horn from Abbeyhorn.
Here in a dark-tipped option.
Merino wool socks from Bresciani.
Hand-linked toes.