Style inspiration for your next casino visit

With every social occasion comes a fresh set of challenges for the style-conscious male. Whether it’s attending a wedding or a dinner party, there’s always an implicit set of style rules that must be obeyed if we wish to create an agreeable impression and look good.


And it’s casinos that continue to hold a special amount of fascination for all fashion aficionados as a night at the gaming tables gives us all the chance to mix a bit of old-school style with the latest cutting-edge designs.

However, it’s worthwhile mentioning that casino culture has changed significantly over the past few decades. It’s not all about the opulent glamour of Monte Carlo as a quick visit to the casinos of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo reveal that it’s the more relaxed attitude that dominates.


Despite this there is still a significant attempt to keep raised style standards in the modern casino as bad footwear, shorts and sportswear will probably see you not gaining admittance. And therefore keeping a smart yet casual look is good way to maintain a cool edge whilst you gamble.

Something like the casual wool jackets at L’Homme Rouge could be a good bet for a relaxed look that fits in with the more casual attire of your fellow gamblers – and obviously accessorising is key to adding a subtle sense of class whether it’s a vintage watch or even just a well-placed silk pocket square.


Above all it’s about dressing with confidence so that you can gamble without worrying whether you’re creating a fashion faux pas. Much as you might do a bit of research at the Betway online casino site so that you can find out what to do if you hit a soft 17, it’s planning ahead that’s key to perfecting your casino look.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to shop around to find a suit that’s perfectly fitted for your casino night out. The recent news that Trés Bien have opened up a shop in Malmo will please many menswear enthusiasts, as their sleekly designed suits have the perfect blend of modernist tailoring and vintage appeal that will make them a good bet for a night at the gaming tables.


And the Stockholm brand Filippa K’s latest range of suits once again proves that although the colours may be muted, that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a striking impression on your next big casino night out!