Monday Inspiration – Windowpane

insp 0222

Normally I do not like jackets with too bold colors or patterns, but for today we will do an exception. The key to be able to wear a jacket with a busy pattern is to combine it with other garments that are the opposite. I have chosen a jacket with a windowpane pattern that consists of the color combination blue, brown and white. At first sight these may look like an odd combination, but all the three colors belongs to the easiest ones to combine. If the cream colored trousers are too much for some of you, try to combine the jacket with a pair of brown or blue trousers instead. 

Jacket – Eidos, Shirt – Shirtonomy, Trousers – Private White V.C, Tie – Berg & Berg. Pocket square – Christian Kimber, Shoes – Church’s, Watch – Patek Philippe 3597 Beta 21