Sale – Part I – Suits

We continue to look at the winter sale that are ongoing in online stores around the world. I will make three parts for this series, where the first part will be my ten favorite suits that you will be able to find on the ongoing sale.

Last week we talked about my thoughts and experience, and what you can do to make the most out of the sales periods. Try to focus on products that you will be able to use for a long time instead of seasonal ones that are based on current trends. A good point of advice is to find garments with subtle colors and textures. Instead of buying that colorful suit with a large windowpane pattern, try to find a suit with colors such as navy, chocolate brown, camel, dark grey or forest green.

To help you on the way I have picked ten of my favorite suits that you will be able use for many years to come.

eidos glencheck

Brown glencheck suit from Eidos that is still available in many sizes. $900.

oger blue

Navy suit from Oger’s more luxurious line “Dressed for success”. €700.

sartoria formosa grey

Navy blue chalk stripe flannel 3-piece suit from Sartoria Formosa, one of few tailors who offers bespoke quality in ready to wear sizes. Pricing may sound high, but this is entirely handmade and the quality does not get much better than this. $1963.

caruso grey suit

Grey suit from Caruso, a wardrobe staple in the wardrobe. €1000.

grey eidos

Light grey wool suit from Eidos. A color that makes it easy to split into trousers and jacket. $1096.

sartoria formosa blue

Another wardrobe staple from Sartoria Formosa , here in a navy pinhead fabric and patch pockets for a more casual approach. $1836.


Perfection from Orazio Luciano. Grab it before it is too late (also in header). €1320.

bogliol linen

Beige cotton suit from Boglioli. Perfect for the upcoming spring and summer season. €549.

orazio green

I have to mention this one from Orazio Luciano. My personal favorite from this season and dark green is such a underestimated color. €1613.


Last but not least, a suit made by Camoshita in a vintage fabric, just the way Kamoshita wants it. $700.