Cesare Attolini Fall Winter 2015

We continue our weekly coverage for the ongoing fall and winter seasons collections. Today we steer our course back to Italy where one of the most luxurious tailors resides, Cesare Attolini.

Founded in 1930 by Vicenzo Attolini, Cesare Attolini has been a company who have changed a lot in tailoring history. Vicenzo’s vision was to create a jacket as soft and lightweight as a shirt, removing padding, shoulder padding, linings and making it totally unconstructed. Years later he succeed creating the first unstructured Neapolitan-style jacket that was later perfected by his son Cesare. During the same time he also invented what today is known as the barchetta, a distinctive “boat” shaped breast pocket that is used by many tailors today.

Each garment are made entirely by hand in the ourskirts of Napels in the part of town called Casalnuovo. In the workshop there are over 130 tailors working every day, achieving absolute perfectionism during the 25 to 30 hours that it takes to create a suit.

For this fall and winter we travel to the vineyards outside Montalcino in Italy. Photographed out in the beautiful greens and inside of an wine basement, Cesare Attolini sets the right mood and delivers another collection close to perfection. As always we can see the Neapolitan trademarks with soft natural shoulders, wide lapels with 3/2 button rolls and light constructions. Choice of colors and fabric stays true what the brand have shown before, with different shades of navy, brown, grey and various of checked patterns.:


Casual outwear with vest and knitwear.


Reversible trench coat with checked design.


Double breasted coat in a subtle grey brown windowpane pattern.


Bomber jacket combined with a vintage printed scarf.


Three piece pinstriped suit, perfect for the board room.


Casual sport coat to be matched with jeans or flannel trousers.


Brown suit in the popular Donegal tweed fabric.


Double breasted suit with a subtle windowpane fabric.


The brown suit, probably the most understated color for a suit.


The perfect navy coat.