Fray Spring Summer 2015

In 1962 Lucia Pasin began to make shirts in the centre of Bologna, Italy. This was a work of art at this time with everything finished down the last detail. Thanks for this dedication and the expression of manual skill the brand began to make a name for itself and started to sell abroad in 1971. The growth of the international market and the upcoming purchase of another brand led the company to move the production to a more modern factory at Casalecchio di Reno just outside Bologna. Today the brand is still based in this factory with the same traditional production philosophy techniques.

This is Fray, the brand that has the culture of manual skills and the vision that perfection always begins right at the start of making a shirt. Every piece including the sides, sleeves, cuffs is cut by one of their artisans and is carefully checked at every step in the process to guarantee the highest quality possible. The sleeves are set in and tacked by hand, a technique that allows variable-width stitching that gradually decreases, creating a feel and wearability that is hard to achieve with automatic production processes. The fabric collection stretches from cotton with 170-300 fineness to the famous sea island cotton.  All this combined guarantee that both old and new customers will find the same sober, classic elegance with precise, hand-stitched finished products year after year.


Fray, for men.




One of the most versatile shirts in both cotton and linen mixtures.


Bold colors and patterns.


A self designed collar without the upper buttons for a better collar spread underneath a jacket.


Classic blue oxford shirt with the perfect button down collar (also first photo).


A bolder selection of colors and collars.