Shibumi Spring Summer 2016

After a short break with the weekly coverage we continue to look at the ongoing spring and summer collections. Today we will take a closer look at what have become one of my favorite accessories brand. This brand none other than the brand Shibumi, and today we will see what Niels Holdorf and his partner in crime Benedikt Fries have designed for us this season.

Shibumi was founded in October 2012 by the friends Niels Holdorf and Benedikt Fries. The vision for the brand is to create an accessories brand that offers products with extraordinary designs that are crafted only by the best artisans and with the best materials. They exclusively work with manufactures from Italy and England to make sure that they are able to deliver the best possible quality for their products.

Shibumi started to produce ties and pocket squares at first but quickly expanded to deliver almost a full assortment of all needed accessories for men. Today, they also offer braces, handkerchiefs, scarves, socks, belts and an unique collection of products called sen. Sen means selection or compilation in Japanese, and are small collections that they put together with some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Here we are able to find products such as Fedora hats in pure beaver, peccary gloves and beautiful wallets.

If you are unable to find the tie that you are looking for or want to order a specific length, do not worry as Shibumi also offer a bespoke service for ties. This service offers a fine selection of carefully chosen fabrics, the opportunity to choose your preferred length and width, two different types of the 3-fold construction and adding your own monogram.

For this spring and summer collection, Shibumi continue doing what they do best. They focus on the classic designs such as the grenadine tie, but we are also able to see printed ties in colorful combinations with exquisite details such as hand rolled edges and 7-fold constructions. And as always when it comes to Niels and Benedikt, we can expect that every tiny detail are perfect.

  • Braces in the right colors for spring and summer.
  • Socks in all colors that you can think of.
  • Ties for both the business meeting and casual weekends in the city.
  • Hand rolled pocket squares in beautiful prints and colors.
  • Knitted ties are a perfect way to make your outfit less serious.
  • A Panama hat in the making. A unique product that will available shortly for the “Sen” collection.