Sale – What to think about during sales periods

We will continue to talk about sale, but for today I would like to share my thoughts and experience for the topic. I will talk about what I have learned during my years and what you can do to get the most out of the sales periods.

When I started with fashion, the sales periods were one of my favorite times of the year. At that time, I looked closely at a few selected garments from my favorite brands during the whole season and tried to buy them as soon as they appeared on the sale. The mistake that I did during that time was that I bought garments that were a bit odd and unique to that particular season and ongoing trends. The effect of this is that I ended up with a lot of garments that I only used one or two seasons, and that later ended up collecting dust in the wardrobe. It took many years before I realized what I actually was doing to myself and my wardrobe, which was growing rapidly every season. This may sound weird to some, but I think there is more people than you think that are having the same behavior during the sales periods.


Very fashion-forward jacket from Alexander McQueen that is hard to wear and will probably only last one season.


Why not add a subtle jacket in grey from Boglioli instead? A true classic in mens wardrobe.

When we think more about this behavior, I think we honestly can recognize that it is in our nature and that it is just one of many ways how we humans rewards ourselves. For clothing companies this has been a fact for many years and for them it is an effective way to increase sales. Now, I know that some people will question this statement and instead ask the following question, “But sale means that the clothing companies will lose sales, as they discount the products”. This is absolutely true, a company will lose profit during sales as they discount their products, but this is where the high margins comes into the picture. Margins for clothing are often three times or even higher than the price that is shown to the customer. A note here is that these margins do vary a lot depending on where the product is produced, the process behind the product and what the companies themselves choose to profit. With this said, I clearly want to point out that I do not think sales is something dangerous or bad for us, quite the opposite. From a customer perspective you will be able to buy a product that has some kind of discount attached to it, which means that if you already were planning to buy the particular product from the first beginning, you have probably made a bargain.


Eccentric shirt from LimoLand that could be hard to wear.


Versatile denim shirt from Alessandro Gherardi that can be worn for many seasons.

From my point of view, I think it is in most cases better to buy those things that will last for many seasons. Try not to buy products just because they are having a discount attached to it, as these garments probably will end up in the back of your wardrobe. From my experience, I think it is instead better to buy products that are known to be wardrobe staples and classics. These products can sometimes be a bit more expensive, but as you are able to use them season after season, it will make the buy affordable at the end of the day. The companies are well aware of this and which means that you have to search a bit more to find them. When you are able to find these classics on sales, I promise that you have made a bargain and found a product that will last for years.

A cool pair of shoes from Thom Browne, but for how long will you really use them?

A cool pair of shoes from Thom Browne, but for how many season will they last?


A better choice can instead be a pair of suede oxfords from Santoni.