10 x Scarves

We cannot deny it anymore, the winter is here to stay. To be able to survive the winter you will need a good overcoat, beanie and scarf. We have already talked about my favorite overcoats and beanies and I think it is high time that we take a look at my favorites scarves.

A scarf can be a real savior when it is chilly outside, especially with a combination of the lower temperature and a windy day. What many do not think about is that you can control your temperature easily depending on which knot you are using for your scarf. A walk in city, walking in and out of stores will probably need a different knot compared to if you are taking a long walk in the country side. Other important details to think about when choosing a scarf are the length, choice of fabric and color. A longer scarf will give you the option to be able to make more advanced knots, something that will impact the isolation as already mentioned but also what kind of look you are after. I like when the scarf have a length around 180 cm, a length that is not too long or too short.

The thickness of the fabric will also make a difference as a lighter fabric will look more elegant, but lack of the isolation that a thicker fabric will offer. For winter I would personally choose a wool or cashmere fabric as these will keep you warm, not irritate your skin and are easy to find in various price ranges. Another fabric that has been seen much more lately is the alpaca, a softer and more luxurious alternative than the merino and sheep wool.

When it comes the choice of colors, I would personally start off with earthy and subtle colors such as navy, grey, brown and camel. These colors are the easiest to match with your other garments in you winter wardrobe such as your coats and trousers. I think it is better to start with these basic colors and instead add colorful scarves afterwards.

I have picked my ten favorites for the winter to help you gentlemen in the jungle of scarves.



Budget friendly navy cashmere scarf from Myrqvist for only 699 SEK.


Chocolate brown cashmere from Colombo.




Colorful from Rubinacci.

loro piana

Camel colored scarf from Loro Piana in the world’s most rarest and luxurious fabric, Vicuna.

Bottle green merino wool scarf from affordable Berg & Berg.

Bottle green merino wool scarf from affordable Berg & Berg.


Brown cashmere scarf from Shibumi Berlin in a herringbone pattern.


Classic Drake’s scarf with a lot pattern and colors.

Elegant with a white scarf from Suitsupply.

The white scarf is a elegant option during winter. Here in a wool option from Suitsupply.


Multicolored kelim printed scarf from Calabrese 1924.

Cashmere and silk blend from British John & Smedley.

Cashmere and silk blend from British John & Smedley.