Ten Favorites – Scarfs for spring

So spring has officially arrived and the temperature is slowly rising to comfortable levels. The temperatures are changing quickly during spring, some days can be nearly as hot as early summer days and days after can instead be windy and chilly. This is where the scarf comes into the picture, the scarf is the perfect companion to stay warm and to add a stylish detail to your outfit.

The scarf is known by many names but the most popular ones are kremer, cravat or muffler. The origin is not completely known but one of the stories comes from Ancient Rome where the garment was used to keep clean rather than warm. History tells that they were originally used by men to wipe sweat from their faces and necks. Later on women started using the scarves but more as an accessories and has been worn by the women as a fashionable item ever since. In other cases historians believes that the scarf were used to identify different ranks of the Chinese warriors during the reign of Emperor Cheng in China. The same theory was seen around the 17th century in the Croatian army, where officers had silk scarves and the soldiers were instead issued with cotton scarves.

It wasn’t until the early 19th century before the scarf became popular for both men and women. Nowadays it’s one of the most versatile clothing accessories that both women and men can wear. It can be worn with everything and it doesn’t matter if’s a suit, sport coat, sportswear, sweater or a t-shirt. You can mostly say that the scarf is used in two different ways today, either you use it for layering to stay warm or as a fashionable detail for you outfit. For both options it’s crucial to choose the right material for your scarf, everything depends on which season you are planning to wear it. You don’t want to use a thick wool scarf in the middle of the summer, neither using one in a lightweight linen fabric for winter. For spring and the upcoming summer there’s a lot different options to choose from, but a lightweight one is recommend so it’s possible to wear it as long as possible into the season. Nowadays you can find a lot of very good fabric combinations but the most popular one is wool and silk. Wool and silk combines both the breathable wool and the silk that gives the garment luster. But there’s no other fabric that can compare itself to cashmere, it’s soft, breathable both during hot and cold weather and has a extraordinary luster.

Paisley printed scarf from Isaia in a cotton and linen blend.

Paisley printed scarf from Isaia in a cotton and linen blend.

Lightweight printed scarf from Drake's in different shades of green.

Lightweight printed scarf from Drake’s in different shades of green.

Tobacco brown wool scarf made in Napels by Calabrese 1924.

Tobacco brown wool scarf made in Napels by Calabrese 1924.

Soft cashmere in a floral print from 19 Andrea’s 47 .

Cashmere in a floral print from 19 Andrea’s 47.

stoffa 1

Cashmere silk blend from Stoffa.

Massimo dutti

Navy linen from affordable Massimo Dutti.

Soft cashmere silk blend from luxurious Loro Piana.

Soft cashmere silk blend from luxurious Loro Piana.

Blue linen scarf signed Suitsupply with herringbone pattern that gives a interesting texture.

Light blue herringbone patterned scarf in pure linen from Suitsupply.


Light colored wool silk scarf from Monsiuer Fox (also in header).

tomas mair

Pure cashmere from Tomas Maier.