Christian Kimber

Melbourne in Australia is often rated as one of the world’s most livable cities. It’s a city with a well developed culinary culture, with a interesting mix of different people from all around the world, art in various forms, its food and restaurants and not at least its style. One of the most interesting designer and store in Melbourne is Christian Kimber Footwear, owned by the young gentlemen Christian Kimber.

Christian Kimber, born and bred in the south east region of England, East Sussex and just outside the town Brighton. He always had an interested in menswear and a important influence for this was his father who wears a traditional and classic outfits and often in forms of navy suits, white shirts and loafers. Thanks to studying his fathers style he found out early his career that it wasn’t just about the clothing itself, it was how you wore it as a person and the passion behind it. Christian spent the most of his time in London and working with menswear including retailing, styling and PR. At his time in London he was educated in tailoring at the venerable Savile Row but eventually ended up at in a footwear store on Clifford Street and it’s was here his journey began for real. At this time he began to sketch from what he learned from his fathers passion and ended up designing his own shoes.

In 2011 Christian and his girlfriend moved to Melbourne and it was here when the plan was set into motion and he founded Christian Kimber Fine Footwear. Two years later he released the brand online that features handmade shoes and accessories. The shoe collection includes two different styles, the chukka boot and loafer. All shoes are made in various colors of Spanish suede and the colors for the shoes is inspired by different teas around the world. Just to mention a few of them we have the Chai originally a spice from India who represent a brownish color, Oolong from China which stands for green and Rooibos a herb from South Africa that’s red. Along with this playful and inspiring names most of the shoes also features two different of shades in some way, it could be a different color on the upper suede or on the tassel which makes these something that stands out from other brands. It’s a shoe to be worn more casually and works as good with a casual summer suit in cotton or a pair of jeans. The collection is handmade in Spain meaning various steps of handwork including good year welted soles for every single shoe and also offering made to order for those who wants a special size or color.

In the other end we have the accessories. Here we have both bracelets, shoe brushes and pocket squares. The bracelets is a limited edition collaboration with Ettika that’s is handmade in Los Angeles overseas in the United States featuring a metal and gemstone design. And then we have the shoes brushes and pocket squares which is crafted by hand Cheshire, England. The shoes brushes is made by oxhorn and beechwood with natural bristles which all are from renewable resources. These brushes is shaped by hand and it means that every brush will be unique just for you which is one of many benefits that handmade item will contribute to. Next up we have pocket squares which have all the details you need, a wool silk mix, hand-rolled edges and the perfect sizing at 45 x 45 cm that means that the pocket square will not fall out as easy. At this time Christian has been able to create four different pocket square which inspiration comes from various trips around the world. We have the Florentine Abstract inspired from Christian’s trip to Florence the summer of 2012 where he draw the bell tower wall of Giotto’s Campanile. Another one is called Melbourne Abstract, a design inspired by Federation Square and it’s reflection of the Yarra River in Melbourne. Third up the London Abstract which originate from by The Gherkin in London and something that he saw everyday when he lived in the eastern part of the city. From a business trip earlier this year in Hong Kong the Hong Hong Abstract was born, inspired by the Bank of China building when crossing from Kowloon to Hong Kong. And last we have the newest addition from his latest trip to Hanoi, inspired by the green colored french windows of Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel in Hanoi.

Christian Kimber is something to look out for in the future with his fantastic designed pockets squared and colorful shoe collection. I have not had the opportunity yet to try Christian’s footwear but I’m very found of his pocket squares and is probably the only ones I need to have in my wardrobe to be honest because of the colors and versatility. It was a pleasure to finally meet Christian Kimber in person at Pitti Uomo last summer and I think he’s on to something big here and don’t forget to stay tuned for his new sneaker collection that will be live anytime now.

I’m not a trained designer – just very passionate and know what I like – Christian Kimber

Kimber 2

Christian Kimber himself.


London Abstract.


Hong Kong Abstract.


Hanoi Abstract.


The cocker spaniel  with the bowtie that mimics the spirit of Christian himself and his interest in footwear.


The handmade shoe brushes.


Bracelets from Christian Kimber.


A classic chukka boot in a versatile brown.


The gunpower green tassel loafer.


A loafer with two colors, a blue one for the buckle and a “snuff” color for other parts.