Shogazing Super Trunk Show – Lazlo Vass

When quality footwear for men is discussed it’s often British brands like Edward Green, Crockett & Jones, Tricker’s and Church that will me mentioned. One of the best shoemakers are the ones from England, Italy and France. Shoemakers in the central Europe are often forgotten even if they have the knowledge to make quality footwear. A brand that did came out from this domestic market was the Budapest based shoemaker Lazlo Vass.

Lazlo Vass founded Vass Shoes in 1978 in the middle of Budapest that always had an history in shoemaking. The shoes are completely handmade and I would call this the most affordable and one of the highest quality shoes available today. And the options are nearly endless, if you don’t find the shoes that you want from the ready to wear collection, you can always choose to order a made to order with your own choice of leather and shoe model. If that’s not enough Vass also offers bespoke service in their atelier in Budapest.

And let’s not forget that Lazlo Vass was one of the authors for the legendary book, Handmade Shoes For Men.


A few sample shoes from the trunk show.
























Old English Oxford with the plum museum calf leather.


The black derby in the more informal brogue alternative.

One of Vass most famous models Budapest.


Construction on the inside.


Inside of the shoe that states model, last and size. A fine detail that really makes you feel that shoe has been made exclusively for you.


Handmade in Budapest.