Belvest Spring Summer 2015

Founded 1964 at Piazzola sul Brenta in Italy, the company celebrates a history of more than 45 years of today. All this experience has led to one of the best industry standards for cutting and production and is today producing quality garments under their own label and for other brands. In 1996 Belvest made a collection called “Jacket in the Box”, a collection of jackets that didn’t have any kind of lining and with a light construction. Some says that this was the start of the ongoing trend that we can see today with the unlined and unconstructed jackets. 

Belvest delivers a lot of wardrobe staples and classics but still with a focus on a lightweight construction. Grey, blue, white are well represented in the new collection but also some wisely chosen patterns that stands out just that perfect way that only Italians can do.



Lightweight outfit for spring with a grey, blue and white combination.


Another casual suit in a understated light blue.


A more playful pattern in a burgundy, blue and green check.


A middle blue that’s excellent for the more casual events.


Grey and blue in a lot of different shades.